The Tutor in Adult Education

An enquiry into the problems
of supply and training


A Report of a Joint Committee appointed
by the British Institute of Adult Education
and the Tutors’ Association


Published by

The Carnegie United Kingdom Trustees

Comely Park House, Dunfermline



Introductory pages including preface and contents

Chapter I Some characteristics of adult education

Chapter II The adult education movement of to-day

Chapter III The tutor’s work and qualifications

Chapter IV The supply of tutors

Chapter V The status, organisation and remunera­tion of tutors        

Chapter VI The methods of appointment of tutors     

Chapter VII The training of tutors

Chapter VIII The adult student at the university           

Chapter IX The extra-mural work of universities        

Chapter X Tutors in residential colleges and educa­tional settlements

Chapter XI The work of local education authorities in adult education

Chapter XII The collaboration of voluntary bodies with the board of education, univer­sities and local education authorities

Chapter XIII Finance

Chapter XIV Summary of Conclusions and Recommendations