Growing concern at ecological devastation, poverty amidst plenty, massive pollution, mass migration, economic wars over oil, water and other threats to the very fabric of society have resulted in calls for alternative approaches to the study of economics and society. According to economic theory as taught in universities across the world, There Is No Alternative to economic growth and environmental degradation. Fortunately, we have to hand a massive literature on the worldwide school of social credit economics. Developed by the guild socialists and Clifford Hugh Douglas in the immediate aftermath of the First World War, social credit was widely studied throughout the middle decades of the twentieth century. 

Social Credit? Some Questions Answered includes the following questions;

Q 11. What is the 'national dividend' and why might it be desirable?

The payment of a national dividend or basic income to all regardless of past, present or future employment would enable every citizen to claim a birthright share of the common wealth of the community. It would be paid to all, rich and poor, employed or unemployed, as is presently the case with child benefits. Whatever their circumstances, all would have a basic income security. Read more ...

Q 30. If the social credit analysis is correct, why is orthodox economics so mistaken?

Orthodox economics studies the economy by assuming the existing economy as given. The distribution of property and wealth, the system of banking and finance, the state of technology and all elements in the economic life of the community are as they are because they are as they are.

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Q 55. What will social credit do for agriculture?

Social credit will end the financial stranglehold over agriculture. It will no longer be essential to import and export basic foodstuffs for financial reasons, allowing each country to become self-sufficient in essential foods. New technologies for creating more profitable food products have driven farmers from the land, while rendering ecologically sound farming methods obsolete. The so-called 'cheap food' policy....Read more ... 

Q 58. Will social credit improve the lot of women?

Offering a secure income to all, the national dividend will be particularly useful to women. At present, virtually the only way to secure the right to receive an income is through taking salaried or waged employment on terms which are almost exclusively dictated by men. No amount of equal opportunity legislation will overcome the fact that family circumstances impinge on women's lives more than they do on men's. Where there are children, the elderly or the sick to be cared for, women Read more...



Frances Hutchinson chairs the Social Credit Secretariat. Since 2001 she has edited The Social Artist  (incorporating the Social Crediter). All the digital material on this site is made freely available for private and group study.

"It is a commonplace that democratic institutions can only work successfully where there is a genuine public opinion as opposed to mere mass-suggestion. But such a public opinion is only possible in a community in which a large number of persons have formed the habit of considering and weighing different points of view before reaching a decision. This habit of mind is more readily acquired from adult education than from any other form of training."

The Tutor in Adult Education 1928

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