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The Social Artist/The Social Crediter

The Social Crediter, renamed The Social Artist, is available for free download for educational purposes. Contents include articles, extracts from published works and book reviews written by leading figures on the crucial issues of our times.

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The Political Economy of Social 
Credit & Guild Socialism 
Frances Hutchinson & Brian Burkitt
Routledge 1997
Jon Carpenter 2005

GUILD SOCIALISM has frequently been regarded as a cul-de-sac in social and economic thought. However, this book breaks new ground in demonstrating its continued relevance. Focusing on the Douglas social credit movement, it explores the guild socialist origins of Douglas' work, condenses the economic and social theory of the original texts into a concise exposition and documents the subsequent history. Thoroughly researched, this early approach to 'postautistic', non-equilibrium economics reveals the extent of the incompatibility between capitalist growth economics and a socially just, environmentally sustainable political economy.

The early years of the 21st century have brought a heightened awareness of the limited practicality of retaining self-interested individualism, materialism and corporate power as the guiding principles for policy formation in the global economy. ... read more, full text, and review.

Understanding the Financial System:
Social Credit Rediscovered 
Frances Hutchinson
Jon Carpenter 2010




Very few people can say with any certainty what money is, exactly how the financial system operates, or why finance dominates social policy formation throughout the social order. This has not always been the case. During the inter-war years of the 1920s and 1930s countless ordinary men and women conducted an informal debate on the flawed economic thinking which led simultaneously to war, waste and poverty on an unprecedented scale. The worldwide Social Credit movement of this period gave rise to a practical political venture in the Canadian province of Alberta.... read more

The Politics of Money
Frances Hutchinson, Mary Mellor & Wendy Olsen 
Pluto Press 2002





A scholarly overview of the workings of the money economy designed to be readable for the lay person... read more

Social Credit: Some Questions Answered

Frances Hutchinson






This reference booklet introduces some of the key ideas of social credit and is a useful starting point for those who wish to learn a little more about social credit.

Asses in Clover
Eimar O’Duffy
Jon Carpenter
2003 Reprint





A richly comic indictment of politics, economics and social pretensions through science fiction fantasy, written from a social credit perspective. Originally published in 1933, now with new introduction

A full commentary on 'Asses in Clover' by Frances Hutchinson is available to readers, which analyses in detail the issues raised in the book... read more

The New Home Economics Talks
Frances Hutchinson
2 CDs designed for individual study and group discussion





The talks are designed as an introduction to Down to Earth: A guide to home economics, as advertised above.

Why Schools of Economics and Political Science Should be Closed Down
John Papworth
Arbuckle Books 
Arbuckle Books 2011 39pp



 'In this excellent book, John Papworth goes to the very root of the problem to explain how we the people have all been led to trade in the wisdom of ages contained in Aristotle's theory of scale, for the shallow modern philosophy of 'just follow the money'. (from the Foreword by Dele Ogun.)

What Everybody Really Wants 
to Know About Money
Frances Hutchinson
Jon Carpenter Publishing 1998





Money makes the world go round - but in ever diminishing circles... read more

The Grip of Death:
A Study of Modern Money, Debt 
Slavery and Destructive Economics 
Michael Rowbotham
Jon Carpenter 2007



This lucid and original account of where our money comes from explains why most people and businesses are so heavily in debt... read more

The Tree of Life
H.J. Massingham
Jon Carpenter 
2003 Reprint






A literary masterpiece documenting the destruction of the English countryside flowing from the replacement of traditional value-systems by the rule of finance. Reprint with new introduction... read more

Down To Earth: A guide to home economics

Frances Hutchinson
KRP Ltd., 2013, 38pp



Designed for individual study or group discussion, this short booklet introduces revolutionary thinking on the relationship between employment and income. An easy read, designed for non-specialists, the material raises fundamental questions about the significance of global financial crises... read more