Asses in Clover
Eimar O’Duffy
London, 1933

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1.   How King Goshawk held a Council of State
2.   Concerning Bish Bargold and the Great Temple of Broadway
3.   The Counsel of Kings concerning Cuanduine
4.   How Cuanduine found himself short of Cash
5.   Cuanduine visits a Modern Home
6.   Cuanduine meets Mac ui Rudai
7.   The Pilgrimage of Mac ui Rudai
8.   How Mac ui Rudai was found to be entirely Superfluous
9.   HowMac ui Rudai sought consolation in Religion
10. How Mr Robinson emphasises the superfluousness of Mac ui Rudai
11. How Mac ui Rudai showed himself hostile to all manner of cranks
12. How Cuanduine went in search of a Job
13. What they saw in the Kingdom of Assinaria
14. What they learned at the University of Boob
15.  How they went to a Party
16.  What further things they observed in the City of Boob
17.  How Mac ui Rudai put up a stiff line of Sales Resistance
18.  Cuanduine dips into the Literature of the Period
19.  How Mac ui Rudai went to the Pictures
20. How Assinaria went to War
21.  How Mac ui Rudai made good; how he married a Modern Girl; and how he went to the bad
22.  How Cuanduine fell in Love
23.  Cuanduine at the heart of Life
24.  How Cuanduine begot sons and daughters
25.  How Cuanduine took counsel upon certain very delicate matters



1.   How Queen Guzzelinda lost a treasure
2.   The beginning of the quarrel between Mr Slawmy Cander and the Men of Eirinn
3.   How Mr Slawmy Cander fostered the Spirit of Internationalism
4.   The warlike preparations of the Men of Eirinn
5.   The curse of Crom Cruach upon the men of Eirinn
6.   How Cuanduine girt on his armour
7.   How Cuanduine made offer to serve his country
8.   The building of the great airplane Poliorketes
9.   The first flight of the great airplane Poliorketes
10.  The resources of Civilisation
11.  The Battle of the Atlantic
12.  How Cuanduine made an end of the International Air Force
13.  How the news was kept dark
14.  The scouring of Baile Atha Cliath
15.  The slaying of Scab Slughorn
16.  The taking of Castle Goshawk; and how Cuanduine broke the first of his Geasa
17.  How King Pulpenbaum told the truth for the first time in his life
18.  The death of the Philosopher



1.   How the news was received by the Public
2.   The machinations of Mr Slawmy Cander
3.   How the liberation of the birds was found to be attended with some little difficulty
4.   How Cuanduine broke the second of his Geasa
5.   Professor Banger demonstrates the Economic Impossibility of liberating the birds
6.   Why Economists are not generally considered funny
7.   Why Economists are so impressive; and why some have longer necks than others
8.   Professor Whipcord demonstrates the Economic Impossibility of liberating the birds
9.   How two Economists were confuted in a laughable manner
10. How Professor Swallowdown was hauled over the coals; and how Caunduine broke the third of his geasa
11.  Professor Gudgeon propounds a panacea
12.  The Periplous of Mr Aloysius O’Kennedy
13.  How they rounded the corner, and came in sight of Prosperity
14.  The further machinations of Mr Slawmy Cander
15.  The youthful exploits of One-Eye Slughorn, and of his lieutenants
16.  How Cuanduine broke the gunmen at the knees
17.  How Cuanduine went home
18.  The first expedition to the Moon
19.  The manners and customs of the Selenites
20.  A Moon-struck world
21.  The Wilderness
22.  And the Meek shall inherit the Earth
23.  The last word