Man is born free, but is everywhere in debt and wage slavery to his man-made money system. Women collude in the process, birthing and rearing generation after generation of Rational Economic Man. Social Credit literature questions the logic of a financial system capable of delivering ceaseless warfare, whilst being incapable of creating justice, peace and ecological sustainability. Read more...


 The idea that all citizens are entitled to the basic necessities of life as an inalienable right was first discussed in the early twentieth century. AR Orage, the Guild Socialist Editor of The New Age in the 14th January 1909 edition of the weekly, argued that 'free bread for everyone' is a Christian doctrine. Food is necessary for life, essential to keep body and soul together. Hence a Christian State is morally bound to say to its citizens, “Take, eat!” Through the increase in mechanization and the increasingly sophisticated organisation of society, the essentials necessary for life can be produced with comparatively little labour. Supply is no problem. Food is more plentiful than ever before. And yet many still struggle to survive … Read more...

Although Orage had yet to meet Douglas, he was already thinking in 'social credit' terminology. At some time over the next two years Orage was introduced to Major Clifford Hugh Douglas, and the massive, world-wide Social Credit movement came into being. The payment of a National Dividend to all citizens was the central feature of Social Credit literature.   Read more … 

How was a Citizen's Dividend to be paid for?



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